Safety Statistics

CPR are Australias Leading and Safest team of Highrise and Difficult access Painters & Cleaners who abseil on a daily basis.
Bringing a much safer & more affordable solution to high rise painting above 3 storeys

Industrial Rope Access is 10 times safer than conventional Scaffolding and Staging.
All tradesmen are anchored to the roof.

Traditional use of scaffolding, stages, ladders & boom lifts account for 90% of all accidents & fatalities.
All tradesmen are NOT anchored to the roof.




Injures per day using Scaffolding and Staging
Fatalities per year using Scaffolding and Staging
Injures per year using Scaffolding and Staging
Times Industrial Rope access improves safety



Industrial Rope Access

Intensive training & independent roof anchors for each tradesmen helps to elimiante Risks and Accidents.

Did you know…

Falls from heights are the major cause of death & injury in the Australian Work place

CEO of safe work Australia Rex Hog stated on 31st Oct 2013 “that more needs to be done to prevent falls from heights in the work place


Safety first with industrial Rope Access

Keep it Safe

  • Safest Work positioning method available
  • More than 10 times safer than traditional access
  • Intensive independent training to all technicians
  • All tradesmen anchored to the roof
  • Easy to use equipment, with strong design
  • All Equipment is over engineered for added safety

Industrial Rope Access (IRA) provides our tradesmen with an extremely efficient and Safe access method. IRA avoids the need for expensive scaffolding and this helps to reduce the overall costs for our clients. Safety is of paramount importance on every job and our incident free record since 1993 reflects this. Safe Work Australia have no record of any fatalities using Industrial Rope Access.

IRA efficiencies and lower costs allow us to provide on going cleaning and maintenance over 10 year cycles at nominal costs. This is not possible at all with traditional use of scaffolding and stages



Expensive & Dangerous traditional Accesss

Don’t risk it


  • Unsafe high risk
  • Over 10 fatalities + 1.000 injuries per year
  • Tradesman NOT anchored to the roof
  • Potential for system to collapse.
  • Minimum or no training to tradesman
  • Complex equipment subject to failure

The Old fashioned method of Scaffolding and stages are by nature more costly and very noisy to erect and dismantle. They often requires access through private apartments and presents a big security risk as strangers can obviously climb to access residents homes. Gardens are also subject to considerable damage as the heavy, dirty work of erection and dismantle take its toll at ground level.

Even more so Scaffolding and traditional access can be very dangerous and has a very poor safety record. This is reflected in the falls and fatalities related to scaffolding and recorded by Safe Work Australia every year (over 10 deaths & 1,000’s of injures per year).