Rope Access Painting – CPR Group Australia

Power Painting combined with Industrial Rope Access painting Sydney. All CPR tradesman, Painters, and cleaners are trained in house to work at height safely.  Industrial Rope Access (IRA) provides our tradesmen with an extremely efficient and safe access method. 

Rope Access Painting

IRA avoids the need for expensive scaffolding and this helps to reduce the overall costs for our clients. Safety is of paramount importance on every job and our incident free record since 1993 reflects this. Industrial rope access efficiencies and lower costs allow us to provide ongoing cleaning and maintenance over 10 years cycles at nominal costs. This is not possible at all with the traditional use of scaffolding and stages.

  • Safest Work Positioning method available
  • last five years in Australia no Fatalities
  • Quiet
  • No Damage to Roofs gardens and facades
  • No Security Risk
  • No Need to Access Private apartments
  • Minimal Impact on Residents privacy
  • No Carbon Footprint
  • Cost Effective Up to 20% less than scaffolding


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