Building Restoration
Carrying out remedial work for over 20 years.

power painting
power painting


We work with you to provide the best solution for any challenging jobs. Whatever your remedial needs, we have qualified and professional tradesmen with many years of experience. This means you are guaranteed quality workmanship, bringing your property back to life and looking beautiful again.

Power Cleaning

We are always pleasant to our customers, have clear communication, competitively priced and are constantly working to improve our excellent reputation.

Power Painting, Unique Service

If you require high-rise painting let us help you save tens of thousands of dollars. Our unique industrial rope access saves time and money and avoids the huge cost of expensive scaffolding, swinging stages and elevated work platforms.


Our trained crews have experience in:

  • Render Repairs
  • Brick Surface Preservation
  • Maintenance Inspections and Warranty Work
  • Engineer Teamwork
  • Pressure Washing and Cleaning
  • Protective Sealers
  • appearance restoration of surfaces such as, concrete, sandstone, pebblecrete, brick pavers, stencilcrete and others.
Let us cater to your individual needs and make you another satisfied customer.

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Keeps your properties Image in order and Protects your paint work.

Power Cleaning and Long Term


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In order to maintain the long term external appearance and integrity of the paintwork ( paint manufacturers require that paint be cleaned down intermittently, for warranty requirements) and to increase the life span of the paintwork we provide external façade cleans. (we suggest three year intervals) All paintwork and any brickwork and windows are included in the washdown. Our Industrial abseiling allows us to carry out this work on highrise and difficult access properties in a very affordable manner. This is not possible with any other traditional form of access, such as scaffolding or staging.

Additionally we can assist to address any minor paint failures if and when they occur, quickly and without any major cost and without fuss.

The obvious benefit to our clients is that we assist to maintain the appearance of the property and this ensures the integrity of the paintwork and building is maintained to its highest standard. In turn this minimizes the need for future repaints which is a big cost saving to our clients.