Remedial Building Services – CPR Group Australia

Render repairs are part of Remedial building works crafted before painting. We cooperate with you to provide the best solution for any challenging jobs. Whatever your remedial needs, we have qualified and professional tradesmen with many years of experience. This means you are guaranteed quality workmanship, bringing your property back to life and looking beautiful again.

Remedial Building Services

We believe the quality of our service is as a result of our company pragmatic approach to painting maintenance work, our use of innovative power painting tools such as power sanders and Rollers and our unique method of safe access through industrial Rope Abseiling.

remedial remedial-building

  • Renders Repair
  • Brick Surface Preservation
  • Maintenance Inspections and Warranty Work
  • Engineer Teamwork
  • Pressure Washing and cleaning
  • Protective Sealers 
  • Appearance restoration of surfaces 


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