2-4 Powell Street, Waterloo

The strata manager of the Mondrian started noticing their building had started to worn down, she noticed there were rust stains on the building walls, the paint was looking dull, cracks had started to form on the paint and in some areas they were chipped. She saw that render repairs were required for certain areas of the exterior wall which had concrete spalling, and some pipes needed replacing. The Mondrian’s top balcony was difficult to access and unknown to the strata manager, the Mondrian building needed several render repairs.


The two-level unit apartments needed a completely transformed and refreshed new façade. To start the process of restoring the Mondrian, CPR had to clean the apartments buildings and complete the render repairs to the building. Once CPR had completed the repairs, the tradesmen continued with painting the interior and exterior of the common areas. Although the building’s top balcony was difficult to access, our unique PEAR system allowed our painters to paint the top portion of the apartment and balconies with ease. The team leaders had the challenge to be in constant communication with the residents as their personal belongings were often left on their balconies during this project.

Overall the professional management of our team leaders and tradesmen with the building management helped CPR complete the painting within the project time frame. The management and residents were happy and gave us great feedback for the new building.

Key facts

  • Height of property: 6 Storey
  • Number of residences/offices etc: 137 Units
  • Timeframe: 6-8 Weeks