5-15 Lime Street, Barangaroo

King Street Wharf is a very touristy and busy location by Barangaroo wharf. Because of the location, the façade of this building has started to wear. However, Hans Breiter, senior facility manager, of King Street Wharf knew that the building was hard to access via traditional means of access. CPR was happy to accept this job, knowing that our PEAR system would be perfect to access the hard access areas of the building.


King Street Wharf is home to many offices and several restaurants. To avoid disturbing the everyday operations of the businesses within the building the tradesmen were only allowed to work early in the morning on weekdays before business have opened. The building structure presented a challenge as there were metal and wooden parts that also needed to be painted which were placed in hard to reach positions. These areas were successfully completed with how flexible our PEAR system was to get around these hard to reach areas.

The client was happy with the overall result and we’re happy to have restore a part of busy Barangaroo.

Specifications or key facts

  • Height of property: 5 Storey
  • Number of residences/offices etc : 33 Offices and 10 Restaurants
  • Timeframe: 8-10 Weeks
It seems that all our residents are delighted with the state of our building now, and I am totally unaware of any outstanding issues. I would like to add that the team spirit displayed by your men was marvellous, and each and every one was polite and mindful of taking care both in and out of the building. We are all impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of your company and I am sure we would probably choose you again when further work is required.
Committee representative, Eora on Abbot Building