20 Harrison Street, Cremorne

Award Winner - Master Painters Association

Judy Ward had spent over 12 months consulting and searching for the right company who would update her 50-year-old brick apartment block. However, the consultations and quotes she received were unsatisfactory, often telling her that the upgrades would be impossible without scaffolding around the building which was very expensive. When she found CPR, she was delighted to have Mark, our managing director, ease her worries by explaining that our company didn’t use scaffolding and answered all her concerns. Her building required extensive rendering to cover the brick exterior and a newly coloured façade. 


The scope of the project required a professional team to take over to complete a full rendering of the brickwork on the building. During this stage, our team had to render around 1,800 square meters of bare bricks while keep minimum noise levels. The tradesmen were able to complete this by combining our PEAR system and EWP with professional renderers on the EWP systems. Once we had completed the render repair stage, the painting was easily done while keeping the daily lives of the residents undisturbed. We can proudly say that our teamwork and coordination between the access, remedial, painting and building management resulted in a complete upgrade of this building and we received wonderful feedback from Judy herself. 

Specifications or key facts

  • Height of property/No. of storeys: 8 Storeys
  • Number of residences/offices: 32 Units
  • Timeframe: 10-12 Weeks
  • Time since last painted: 15 Years Ago
It was a pleasure to work with you all. From the first few meetings with Mark Smith (CPR director ) & then his employees, it became apparent the company’s consistent dedication to excellence and delivering the very best results exceeded our expectations. Not only am I indebted to all of you for your highly professional work ethic and impeccable conduct, your respectful calming people skills quickly earned the trust & gratitude of all the tenants.
Committee representative, Judy Ward