12 Bank Street, Wollongong

The “Fairways” Apartment located at the seaside of Wollongong, is the pride of Peter Goodwin, an Owner of the Fairways Apartment who decided that his building needed an upgrade on their building façade. The Fairways Apartment needed a new coat of paint and light render repairs such as replacing cracked joints and concrete spalling repairs.


The building is very tall at 9 levels and normally would be a challenge for traditional access systems. However, with CPR’s unique PEAR system, our tradesmen were able to easily reach the double storey balconies and cover every inch of the building without disturbing the residents. The tradesmen also had to face unexpected rainy weather during the painting process and CPR had to bring in more painters to quickly complete the painting and deliver a fresh new façade on time.

Specifications or key facts

  • Height of property: 9 Storey
  • Number of residences: 60 Units
  • Timeframe: 8 Weeks