741 Hunter Street Newcastle

Award Winner - Master Painters Association

Newcastle central plaza is a hotel and apartment located in the heart of Newcastle. Chairman of the committee, had informed us of the various problems the building currently have such as leaking problems, cracked joints, drummy render, solid concrete crack, concrete spalling, cracked brick, cracked window sill, water damaged ceiling, damaged render, and rusty metal. It was in dire need of remedial repair before we could repaint its façade. The project was difficult from the beginning as our engineers found that the building had a serious leaking problem from poor construction and lack of maintenance.


The building’s remedial requirements needed the assistance of our engineers to tap test every section of the façade that to check if it needed to be removed and repaired. This was not an easy task as the building is 12-storeys high and the windy conditions at the time. On top of tap testing the façade, we were all installing anodes on the lintels and sealing any windows that had gaps in them, this took expertise of our reparation team.

We used a premium product to coat the building which formed a thick flexible membrane around the building because of the bad condition of the façade. This was time consuming as the coating was thicker and heavier, our painters had to paint this coating on the previous façade which was rough in texture. Our tradesmen dealt with residential traffic through the whole project and we took special measure to minimize any disturbances to them.

Key facts

  • Height of property: 12 Storey
  • Number of residences/offices etc: 137 Units
  • Timeframe: 10-12 Weeks

The paintwork on this high-rise building in the heart of Newcastle could only be completed by rope access. This required extensive coordination with residents and building management and expert project management.

Excellent cutting in between corporate colours on the exterior of this hotel. Good uniformity of colour and opacity. Great result and visual appeal produce a smart overall effect.
Judges Comments, MPA Australia