60-70 Paramount Apartments, Woolloomooloo


"Paramount Apartments" -The over all building needed for our services of pressure cleaning, repair and repainting of its facade.

This project had the challenge of the difficult access as it is twelve floors high, and the fair amount of balconies to manage and cover with every detail required.

Our experienced crew assessed the stories with our scaffold-free access system, having a minimum impact on the tenants of the building as on the busy commercial area located.

CPR finished the project on the record time, five weeks, with outstanding feedback from our client.

Key facts

  • Height of property: 12 Storeys
  • Number of residences/offices: 91 Units
  • Timeframe: 5 Weeks
I am happy with the paint work outcome, a majority of your staff is hardworking, but I have been particularly impressed with your supervisor. He definitely has people communication skills, a keen eye for detail and great work for ethic and leads by example; motivating his crew to work even harder and also go the extra mile.
Jung Lee, (Executive Committee)