205 O’Riordan Street

Award Winner - Master Painters Association

The strata manager of IBIS Hotel, Robert, contacted us as he wanted to a new creative look on the exterior of IBIS Hotel located in Mascot. It is an iconic hotel and one of many nearby the airport. Robert wanted us to paint a customized design that included 7 different shades to create square patterns on the wall. CPR was excited to receive a project that challenged our creativity.


Robert had called in an architect to design the colours that would be painted onto the new IBIS, when the designs were finalize, CPR worked together with the architect to organize the painting of the design on the Hotel. The 6-level building first needed a pressure clean of its façade and light render repairs.

This project required our tradesmen precisely paint the designs on the walls of this busy hotel which included 7 different colours for different square patterns; this one done by accurate measurements and taping of each painted area. Our signature PEAR system allowed us to work quietly and quickly as the hotel stayed in operation during the project leaving the residents and visitors of IBIS undisturbed as the building was being transformed.

Key Facts  

  • Height of property: 6 Storey
  • Number of residences/offices etc: Commercial Building
  • Timeframe: 4 Weeks