Diligent, responsible, and adventurous

Francisco Ramirez

General Manager - Access (Operations)

I lead the access side of operations at CPR which includes planning and rostering for access teams, related tools/equipment and logistics. My many years of experience of working with heights on ropes together with my IRATA level 3 tickets and overall operational management experience help me fulfill my job. I also have more than 10 years experience as a civil engineer with focus on project management in construction industry with a solid background in project planning, scheduling, site inspection and estimating. I love that my job at CPR gives me a free hand to customise operations for greater efficiency.

CPR is an award winning company

CPR is a multi-award winner at Master Painters Awards for Excellence, the most prestigious event in the painting and decorating industry.

At the 2017 Awards our company was recognised for projects involving commercial, residential and hotel buildings, each one of them representing challenges that CPR has overcome.