Scaffold Free

Top 10 reasons to choose Scaffold Free

  1. It has Australia’s best safety record
  2. It’s quiet and unobtrusive
  3. No damage to roofs gardens and facades
  4. No need to access private apartments
  5. Minimal impact on resident and tenant privacy
  6. No carbon footprint
  7. Up to 20% cheaper than scaffolding
  8. Trained tradesmen deliver superior results
  9. Perfect for difficult access jobs
  10. Regular warranty checks are a breeze

Portable Elevator Access Rope System (PEARS) is a quieter, safer, more efficient and affordable access system for exterior remedial, painting and long-term maintenance.

Developed by CPR, PEARS avoids the costs and inefficiencies of using traditional scaffolding and stages as access on high-rise buildings.

CPR’s portable elevators work in a similar way to ordinary elevators, allowing our expert painters to travel upwards or downwards on the exterior of your building to deliver a superior and less intrusive project result.

The portable elevators have a seat that our tradesmen sit on while they work and can also be used in a swing stage format or with alternate tracking arrangements to suit individual buildings.

While other commercial painting companies have attempted to introduce similar systems, none offer the same level of workmanship - our qualified tradesman aren’t just abseilers with paint brushes, they are trained professionals.

The PEARS system is not only much simpler and safer than the old traditional forms of access, it also has a very small carbon footprint, which makes is far more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The installation of heavy, expensive, noisy scaffolding and staging often damages gardens and property. CPR’s unique combination of anchors, ropes and portable elevators provides for a highly cost-effective access system.

CPR has spent more than 250,000 hours working at heights with an incident-free record. We always have a qualified and competent Level 2 Access and Safety leader on hand to manage all access processes. Combined with our twin-rope fall-arrest systems, it means you can relax knowing the tradesmen working on your site have never been safer.

PEARS is also suitable for a wide range of uses, from larger total remedial projects to more simple services such as window cleaning, sealant repairs and service pipe upgrades.

Best of all, it’s up to 20% cheaper than traditional scaffolding.